We have a million reasons to be proud of the work we do. Here are some of the reasons The Denver Hospice is the leading provider of life-enhancing hospice and palliative care and how we help patients and their families get more from life.

  1. We are the oldest and most trusted provider of hospice care in the region. With a proven track record of leading the nation in innovative hospice and palliative care.
  2. We have more range and scope of resources than any other organization. We have what it takes to offer more personalized care.
  3. We have more people, across all areas of expertise, so that we have someone there when a patient needs us, anytime and anywhere, including “The 11th hour” when families trust us by their side.
  4. Our breadth and depth of services means patients have more options and more control about how they want to manage their illness and their day-to-day lives.
  5. Our work is guided by our mission to put people before profits — encircling those facing advanced illness with unprecedented levels of comfort, compassion and expertise.
  6. Our interdisciplinary team of experts is the best of the best— offering a multi-layered approach to care at every touchpoint in our continuum.
  7. Our care is centered on giving more, not taking away. Our full continuum of care adds meaning, joy, memories and experiences to every day for our patients and their families.
  8. We are a national hospice leader in reducing re-hospitalizations. Most of our patients report comfort within 48 hours of being in our care. Ninety-four percent of families served at our inpatient care center are happy with their experience. Our palliative care program consistently earns five stars for patient care, the highest rating possible on our patient satisfaction survey.
  9. We are driven by the belief that hospice and palliative care is not about losing life, but adding to it. Our nationally-recognized, best-practice model of personalized care supports mind, body and spirit, giving our patients and their families control over their lives with dignity, joy, compassion and unparalleled experience and support.
  10. Our mission-driven commitment puts patients above profit and translates to more time, attention and experts dedicated to every person who needs our services, wherever and whenever they need us.
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