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  • Denver Hospice: Thank you for your compassion and care of my mom while she was in hospice at Mill Vista Lodge. It was a difficult time to watch my mom slowly pass away. You had kind words for my dad and he appreciated your honesty and words of comfort, as did I. May you and your families and everyone at Denver Hospice have a wonderful holiday season.

    In memory of: Anonymous
  • Denver Hospice Staff - Thank you so much for the card and wonderful care of my father. I heard amazing things about your staff and facility from my sister. Thank you for all you do. 

    In memory of: Anonymous
  • As I reflect on the loss of my mom 2 years ago, I am filled with such gratitude for the counseling and incredible support your team provided me. Because of your kindness and care, my grief journey has been filled with grace, safety and resilience. A special thank you!

    Tiffany Estell
  • Thank you for all the support and concern I received. When I decided to care for my loved one in my home, I did not expect it to be as long as it ended up. Leo RN, Anne C. RN, and Paul SW were the staff I had the most contact with during the 4+ months I was involved with you all. You were all very understanding and supportive. I learned a lot and grew a lot personally You all are special people to do what you do. God bless you all. 



  • It's difficult to adequately express our gratitude to you for the support to us and Gerry in her final weeks of life. The work you do is amazing and we are so thankful that you and your team are committed to using your significant talents to support people and families in the transition to a peaceful death. The entire team worked so seamlessly with one another and the staff to provide compassionate care to all of us. We feel confident that Gerry was completely comfortable physically and emotionally and your guidance on what to do and say and when, was kind, thoughtful and helpful beyond measure. Thanks you for all of it, we are eternally grateful.

    In memory of: Gerry Day
  • Entering your beautiful facility was breathtaking. The serenity was truly etherial. The care give to my dear husband was kind, professional, and helpful. His last hours were what he desired and our thanks go beyond words. Thank you!

    In memory of: Donald Lozow
  • Thank you for all you do. Our Nurse, Tammy and social worker, Rebecca were wonderful with my husband.

    In memory of: Norman Pitts
  • The Denver Hospice got our family through the period of grief and sorrow with compassion, care and great, needed support.

    In memory of: Ruth Slawson Tomlingson
  • We really appreciate all the help you gave us. Thank you for very for all the help. May all those angels look upon you people.

    In memory of: Max A. Sanchez
  • Incredible team - Kayli, Rebecca, Jamie, Sam and Diane

    In memory of: Robert Doyle
  • The girls that came were great.

    In memory of: Agnes Hayden
  • There are no words to express my gratitude. On behalf of my family and I, we would like to thank you for your support, care, kind words, prayers, all the late nights and love. Thank you for keeping our family in mind at this difficult time.

    In memory of: Nanette Doyle
  • The all-around professionalism of The Denver Hospice Team supporting my wife's passing was impressive and vital to me dealing with the situation and well being. I am wholly grateful.

    In memory of: Sandra Laskey
  • My wife died 7 years ago at The Denver Hospice. She was there for 12 days. I will always be grateful for the kind, caring, wonderful staff and volunteers who made that 12 days as bearable as it could be.

    In memory of: Mary Wulfers Trainor


  • I have had the privilege of having four of my family members the love and care given by your entire staff. My husband Harold was able to be at peace during his final days. God bless The Denver Hospice.

    In memory of: Harold R. Alirz
  • The Denver Hospice was amazing during my mother's final days. They were a stable rock for her family during and after her passing. My mother was a phenomenal woman and they treated her with love and respect. Thank you.

    In memory of: Arnnise Yurga
  • The Denver Hospice team were all angels and did their job with love and compassion. I will forever hold them dear to my heart and prayers for such wonderful people.

    In memory of: Billie K. Greene
  • The Denver Hospice did a wonderful job supporting both my mother and her family. Her final days were made more comfortable. Everyone I talked to was very supportive. We all deeply appreciated the service provided.

    In memory of: Josephine Alvarez


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