Help Support Selian Hospice in East Africa

Since 2001, The Denver Hospice has been partnered with Selian Lutheran Hospice in Arusha, Tanzania (East Africa). Being partnered with an African hospice involves a two-way exchange of ideas and approaches to hospice, and also a commitment by The Denver Hospice to give moral, educational and financial support. We also have staff trips to visit Selian every two years.

Our partnership has helped Selian grow from a tiny home hospice program of 100 patients to a palliative care program that served more than 5,000 patients at its peak early in 2016. With more than 18 paid staff and more than 300 volunteers, Selian provides medications, basic food supplies and social and spiritual support. They also have provided care for the thousands of AIDS orphans in the area.

The Denver Hospice is now the only funder for Selian, and we need your help.
Donate to Selian Hospice

Under the “Allocate Your Gift” section, in the “Choose a Program” dropdown, please select “Selian Hospice”. You can also make a check out to The Denver Hospice, and write “Selian” on the memo line, and send to:

The Denver Hospice
501 S Cherry St, #700
Denver CO 80246

For more information, contact Lisa Motz-Storey, 303-807-8764 or