About The MASK Project

This year marked the 18th anniversary of the founding of The MASK Project and the 10th year of the gallery and auction. Held biennially, the internationally known fundraiser features hand-painted works from fine artists, musicians, athletes, celebrities, business leaders and more. To date, The MASK Project has raised more than $4.5 million to assist The Denver Hospice to care for all people in metro-Denver.

History of The MASK Project

The MASK Project was founded in 1998 by The Denver Hospice and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. The goal was to capture the imagination of Coloradans with a unique, interactive fundraiser.

And—18 years and 10 exhibitions later—that creative vision is as vibrant as ever.

Over the years, the community event has gained international attention, garnering masks by nationally-renowned artists, celebrities, sports figures, political and community leaders. It has raised nearly $4.5 million for hospice care in Colorado.

The highest bid ever received for a mask was in 2006, when Steve Chotin’s mask titled Helpful = Joyful Heart, sold during a festive round of bidding for $141,000. Calls to the live auction came in from Tel Aviv, Australia, Los Angeles and New York as associates of Steve and Robin Chotin and The Chotin Group bid on a mask by Denver artist Charles Wooldridge.


The MASK Project would not be possible without the dedication of our generous leadership team who make it possible for The Denver Hospice to provide end-of-life care to all – regardless of their ability to pay. Many thanks to the following who contribute so much to the success of The Mask Project.

Mickey Ackerman

The Denver Hospice
Tim Bowen, CEO

Cherry Creek Shopping Center
Nick LeMasters, General Manager

MASK Project Event Committee – 2016
We are most fortunate to have the following guiding our 2016 event: David Alexander, Brad Baumgartner, Missy Diehl, Davie Dixon, Anca Elena Call, Jamie Gilmore, Carol Hiller, Fred Lunger, Evi Makovsky, Carol Mark, MorEvents, Zach Pashel and Hyla Sloane.

Past MASK Project Chairs:

  • David Alexander
  • Jennifer Alvarado Geller
  • Jamie Angelich
  • Ernie Blake
  • Sharon Magness Blake
  • Sunny Brownstein
  • Denise Desmoineaux
  • Jeff Geller
  • Josh Hanfling
  • John Horan
  • Andrea Horan
  • Andrew Hudson
  • Linda James Goto
  • Gail Johnson
  • George Johnson
  • Douglas Kerbs
  • Holly Kylberg
  • Bonnie Mandarich
  • David Mandarich
  • George McFarlane
  • Geri Bader Saltzman
  • Meyer Saltzman
  • Roselyn Saunders
  • John Sevo
  • Nancy Sevo
  • Valere Shane
  • Les Shapiro
  • Lisa Williams
  • Judi Wolf