Footprints Children’s Grief Center

Footprints Children’s Grief Center specializes in helping children and families with anticipatory grief while a loved one is ill. We also offer individual counseling to grieving children following a death loss.

We believe all children have the capacity to heal from within. Having a supportive person who knows how to listen deeply and speak a language they understand can help greatly. Trained children’s grief counselors facilitate healing through art, movement and play—ways children naturally express and process feelings.  Parents and caregivers receive coaching around how to best support their child through the grief process.

Individual grief counseling takes place in our kid-friendly Footprints studio at 501 S. Cherry St., in Denver. Anticipatory grief counseling is offered at Footprints or in the child’s home—wherever a family feels most comfortable. Please note that anticipatory grief counseling in the home is only available only for patients and families who have been or are being cared for by The Denver Hospice.

Contact The Grief Center with questions or to start individual sessions.

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