Young Spouse and Partner Group

This group is for people 45 and under who have lost a partner or spouse and are between 3 and 18 months out from their loss. We will offer a forum for participants to share the challenges they have encountered and the coping skills they have developed as a younger person relearning how to live in the world after a spouse’s or partner’s death. We will explore topics like coping with loneliness, making decisions on your own, gathering support people who “get it,” role changes, exploring a new identity and how to help your children grieve. This group will be facilitated by a grief counselor from The Denver Hospice Grief Center.

  • Suggested Fee: $60. Fee is adjustable to accommodate financial need.
  • Registration: Please call 303-321-2828 and ask to speak to a Grief Counselor

Next session coming Spring 2017, please check back for dates.