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What is a Fast Track Admission?

Fast Track is a process to simplify admissions to our Inpatient Care Center. This is when General Inpatient Care (GIP) hospice-eligible patients with a payer source have consented to a treatment transition directly to our Inpatient Care Center.

Can I Fast Track from any location?

Yes! Once you make a Fast Track referral, we work directly with you to arrange transfer to our state-of-the-art Inpatient Care Center.

What are the steps for a Fast Track Admission?

  • Review GIP Qualifications: The case manager, physicians and clinical staff consult on the patient’s GIP status with our admissions staff. Download our Fast Track Fact Sheet (PDF) for more information.
  • Discuss Hospice Care: Determine if the patient’s goals of care are aligned with hospice. An Inpatient Care Center patient needs a current DNR.
  • Identify Payer Source: Fast Track patients need to have private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or a completed Medicaid application.
  • Call in the Referral: Call our Admissions staff at 303-398-6200 and ask for a Fast Track Admission.
  • Order Transportation: Work with our admission staff to order transportation.
  • Communicate Nurse to Nurse: Speak directly to our Inpatient Care Center charge nurse to coordinate care.

To reach Fast Track Admissions to the Inpatient Care Center, please call 303-398-6200.

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