How we Honored Our Caregivers for Their Service

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As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of hospice and palliative care providers is especially vital as they care for a particularly vulnerable population.

The palliative care and hospice population is already facing underlying serious illness and is at heightened risk for the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 has brought new challenges with safer-at-home guidelines, visitor restrictions in both long-term care and hospital settings, and so much more.

As palliative and hospice professionals, our clinical staff primarily deliver care in the home or location of the patient instead of at clinics or hospitals. These frontline healthcare workers have been faced with new challenges and have responded remarkably.

The Denver Hospice recently recognized their clinical staff in a unique way. The volunteers and leadership of The Denver Hospice delivered special signs to the homes of clinical staff who deliver care to homes of seriously ill patients each day.

Over 200 “Home of a Hero – Thank You” signs were delivered across the metro area. Using a contact-free sign deployment system, we made sure every clinician came home to see our heartfelt gratitude.

We stand behind and support our frontline hospice and palliative care workers and are grateful for their service every day.

Click here to see highlights from the sign delivery on our Facebook page

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