As the leader in hospice care in our region, we have a responsibility to educate our community about hospice and palliative care issues.

The Denver Hospice Mission Moments

The Denver Hospice has been involved in the following community media events to share information about our life-enhancing care.

Flowers for Seniors: The Denver Hospice spreads love for Valentine’s Day

The Denver Hospice’s Cupid Crew partnered with Wish of a Lifetime to deliver roses to seniors this Valentine’s Day. It’s all in an effort to connect with seniors and combat the isolation they sometimes experience.  View the complete story on 9NEWS.COM


The Denver Hospice partners with the CU School of Medicine to help guide the elderly LGBTQ Community

The Denver Hospice is partnering with the CU School of Medicine to help increase advanced care planning for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) and other hi-risk elders. The project is funded by Next 50 Initiative*. We are training LGBTQ community members on advance care planning and how to talk about it. The goal is for the trained individuals to share the information with their peers and friends.


Ultimately, we want to increase advanced care planning in a community that typically lacks strong family connections and support. Outfront, the local LGBTQ magazine, features our partnership in the current issue (view article).

*Next 50 Initiative is a Colorado-based private foundation dedicated to funding mission-driven initiatives that improve the lives of the older adult population and their caregivers.

Expansion of The Denver Hospice Means More Will “Be Loved In Their End Days”

Reporter Mekialaya White with Denver CBS4 reports on the ground breaking of the new 24,000 square foot Amy Davis Support Center being built at The Denver Hospice Lowry Campus. The center will allow The Denver Hospice to provide more community-based services for individuals facing a life-limiting illness.  View the complete story and one patient’s perspective.

Credit: CBS4
Mission Moments – CBS4 Corneal Transplants
Credit: CBS

The Dying Help The Living At The Denver Hospice

Reporter Kathy Walsh from KCNC-TV, Channel 4, reported on our new cornea donation partnership with Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank. Since May, our patients have donated 44 corneas which have helped people in Colorado and across the globe. View the story at Denver CBS4.

Former Patient “Will Live Forever”

A former patient of The Denver Hospice, Susan Potter, donated her body to science as part of the Human Visible Project. The result will be a multifaceted training tool for future doctors and current medical professionals. View National Geographic’s in-depth story.

Credit: Lynn Johnson/National Geographic

Denver Business Journal Health Care Forum

Nearly 84 percent of Colorado’s adult population is under the age of 65, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. To address the needs of this growing population, The Denver Hospice President, Melinda Egging, served on an discussion panel entitled Aging Well during The Denver Business Journals’ Health Care Forum. Read the Journal’s report.

The Nurse Nell Show

The Denver Hospice is a frequent contributor to The Nurse Nell Senior Show which airs Sundays on KEZW 1430 AM. Listen as President Melinda Egging and Nurse Nell explain hospice and palliative care and answer frequently asked questions. We are proud to be part of a community-based program that addresses medical, in-home and health care questions. Click the play arrows at the right to listen.

KGNU Dot Org

KGNU Radio Dot Org Program

Director of Admissions at The Denver Hospice, Dean Fernandez, was a guest on the KGNU Radio and its Dot Org program. Dean and host Rae Soloman talked about The mission of The Denver Hospice and our life-enhancing patient care. Click the play arrow at the left to listen.

AARP Care-FULL Conversations

Dean Fernandez, director of admissions at The Denver Hospice was a guest on AARP’s Care-Full Conversations, a video resource series that provide information to help benefit the caregiver and care receiver. View the conversation.

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