Chronicles of Care

Looking Forward Together

Looking Forward Together in 2017

January is a time to reflect on the past year and anticipate opportunities ahead. It’s a time to celebrate success and set goals. But as we look back on our success, it would be misleading to say we did it all on our own. Our 2016 accomplishments would not have been made possible without your support.

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I Became Best Friends with a Hospice Patient

Sitting in her wheelchair, Florence smiles up at Felicia as she carefully paints Florence’s nails with shimmering gold polish. Felicia then gently applies a light coat of lipstick to finish the look.

Florence Grant is a 94-year-old, non-verbal woman without any family in the area. In the care of The Denver Hospice, she was introduced to Felicia Kile, a volunteer.

Eight months ago they were strangers. Today they are best friends.

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Susan Langley: The Woman Who Moved Mountains

If you’ve come across Susan Langley in your lifetime, you wouldn’t forget her. Or, as she likes to put it, “My voice will be in your head.”

Having worked at The Denver Hospice for 22 years, Susan is a self-taught expert in the community. During her tenure, she worked in various departments, served on committees, influenced policy and positively affected many lives.

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Colorado Gives Day Just Got Better

The Denver Hospice is the grateful recipient of a challenge gift from New West Physicians! New West Physicians has generously pledged to donate $45,000 to The Denver Hospice on Colorado Gives Day and has challenged our supporters to match their gift to help The Denver Hospice reach a goal of $90,000.

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Helping Elvin Preserve His Legacy

Whitney Haney, Grief Counselor and Art Therapist, began working with Elvin in January 2015, Elvin had been referred to the Art Therapy Integrative Department of The Denver Hospice to help him reflect on and record his life. In the midst of reflecting on his legacy, Elvin became afraid that when he died his stories would die with him. Continue reading “Helping Elvin Preserve His Legacy”

Marvel & the Marvelettes

The Music That Was Marvel

Life wasn’t always a song for Marvel Hillebrand. Her dreams of being an accountant were derailed by the Depression. Two of her children preceded her in death. And she longed for adventures beyond her wife-and-homemaker life in Toledo, Ohio. Continue reading “The Music That Was Marvel”