Chronicles of Care

6 Steps to Rise Above Your Fear of Death

Let’s face it: if you’re human you have most likely experienced a fear of death at one time or another in your life – or else you may have been in complete denial of your fear and repressing it. That’s because the fear of death is normal for all of us – we have a survival instinct that motivates us to avoid death-inducing situations.

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What to Do When a Loved One Refuses Hospice Care

When it was time for Doris, an 85-year old woman with biliary cancer, to be discharged from the hospital, her physician suggested to her and her family that she be admitted to hospice care. But Doris refused hospice care even though her family members strongly supported the doctor’s advice.

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The Denver Hospice and FOX31 Partner to Support Military Veterans

With a shared vision for honoring and preserving the legacies of U.S. military veterans, The Denver Hospice and FOX31 are proud to announce a new community partnership focused on sharing information and resources to better serve and support Colorado’s 400,000 military veterans.

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How Hospice Care Brings Families Together

When Gail and Gloria admitted their elderly mother to hospice as she neared the end of her life, they mentioned that they had a younger brother who had been estranged from the family for the past twenty years. The sisters agreed that they did not want him to be notified of their mother’s condition or to be part of the decision-making process. But then they learned from the hospice nurse that their mother had confided her deepest wish: to see her son again and to have her children reconcile their relationships. Finally Gail and Gloria agreed to reach out to their brother and ultimately the three of them were able to heal their differences and care for their mother as a united team. The sisters admitted that they were relieved to see their mother truly at peace at the end of life after they welcomed their brother back into the family. Continue reading “How Hospice Care Brings Families Together”

REGISTER TODAY for Heroes & Halos…A Tribute to Veterans Event

Did you know Colorado is home to more than 400,000 military veterans? In fact, one in ten Colorado residents has served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Most veterans are older than 65 and more than 5,000 die annually. The Denver Hospice provides specialized care for U.S. military veterans and their families, thanks in large part to the financial and volunteer support of our community.

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How to be an Effective Healthcare Decision-Maker for Your Loved One

Choosing a person to make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to speak for yourself is one of the most important steps you can take for your future wellbeing. That person will stand up for you and guard your wishes in order to ensure that you receive the type of care you want in any situation.

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When You Can’t be Present for a Last Goodbye

When my niece died in hospice in another city this summer I was unable to travel there to say goodbye before her death. I was crushed that I didn’t have one last opportunity to hold her hand and tell her I loved her, but as it worked out that just was not possible.

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How Hospice Helps: Demystifying the Hospice Experience

A terminal diagnosis can be overwhelming for patients and families for a host of reasons. In addition to the emotional devastation of anticipating your loss, you probably have a variety of questions you’re not sure how to answer. Who will be involved in providing end-of-life care? Where should that care be provided? How will you manage symptoms and pain for the patient? How will you manage stress and psychological needs of family caregivers? How will hospice help?

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Happy Holidays from the staff and volunteers at The Denver Hospice!

Over the last several years, volunteers and staff from The Denver Hospice have come together to celebrate the Holidays with the patients and families we serve. We are thrilled to share that this holiday tradition is alive and well in 2017!

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Snow “flake” Angels

Each winter for the past 18 years, students at Campus Middle School take a break from their holiday wish list to give back to their community. The school’s annual snowflake drive offers an opportunity for students to sell snowflakes and raise funds for families facing financial challenges at the end of a loved one’s life. This year students raised an amazing $6,644! These students are truly offering light and hope to families in an otherwise difficult time.

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