The Denver Hospice team consists of individuals who focus on comfort by addressing physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. Along with a patient’s family members or other loved ones, the team will provide the necessary support and care for each patient.

Medical Providers

Our doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants work with the patient’s doctor and others on the hospice team to ensure the patient is comfortable and symptoms are managed.

  • Shirlee Turner
    Shirlee Turner MD
    • Kathleen E. Bickel
      Kathleen E. Bickel MD
      • Kristen Eisenman
        Kristen Eisenman MD
        • Arlyn LaBair
          Arlyn LaBair MD
          • Sheri Knepel
            Sheri Knepel MD
            • Kimberly Bennett
              Kimberly Bennett MD
              • Jennifer Vacca
                Jennifer Vacca MD
                • Alyson Young
                  Alyson Young NP
                  • Tracy Fehr
                    Tracy Fehr NP
                    • Belinda Higa
                      Belinda Higa NP
                      • Darcy Donaldson
                        Darcy Donaldson NP
                        • Ann McCullough
                          Ann McCullough NP
                          • Anne Marie Fleming
                            Anne Marie Fleming NP


                            The nurses manage the care plan, coordinate physical care, monitor the patient for symptom management and arrange for medications, supplies and medical equipment. The nurse will educate the patient and their family or loved ones about the illness, what to expect and how to provide the appropriate care.

                            Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

                            CNAs assist patients with bathing, personal care, meals and exercise. Additionally, the CNA will assist with changing bed linen, laundry, running errands and miscellaneous tasks that are in direct support of the hospice patient.


                            Our volunteers visit hospice patients and their families to provide support and companionship through such services as reading or helping write letters. Some volunteers also provide emotional comfort by visiting, calling or sending cards throughout the grieving period.

                            Social Worker

                            Social workers provide individuals in hospice and their families with emotional support and counseling as they transition to end-of-life care. They assess the individual and family for signs of distress and address psychological, social and resource needs.


                            Chaplains provide non-denominational spiritual and emotional support for individuals in hospice and their families. They may also assist with funeral arrangements, if desired.

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