The Denver Hospice team consists of individuals who focus on comfort by addressing physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. Along with a patient’s family members or other loved ones, the team will provide the necessary support and care for each patient.

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If you would like to recognize the special care your loved one and family received, please click on the yellow bar below and fill out the form that appears. The named employee will receive a special award. This type of recognition is extremely meaningful for the individual as well as the entire care team.

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  • Over the course of the last four months, Sophy was like a member of our family. Week in and week out she arrived with good humor and proceeded to evaluate my wife for any change in symptoms, make adjustments in medications, and provided much needed support and reassurance. The Hospice staff answering the phone also deserve recognition. They provided much needed guidance and support.

    Jerry Goedert
  • Denver Hospice has an amazing staff. Rachel is an exceptional hospice nurse. She is knowledgeable, funny, caring, and kind. She treated our Dad with the utmost dignity and respect and was responsive to his needs. Rachel engaged with our family, answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns. There aren't adequate words to relay how truly grateful we are to have had Rachel in our home and life throughout our Dad's hospice experience.

    Heather Haxmeier
  • Toni is the nurse who had to come declare our Dad after he passed. She was sympathetic, kind and respectful. She talked to our Dad (as if he were alive, probably for our benefit) to let him know what she was going to do as she was taking care of his body. Her presence was calm and soothing during such a difficult time. Thank you Toni!

    Heather Haxmeier
  • Stephanie helped us find a good place for our family member when none of the assisted living locations would take him She was kind and sympathetic to his needs. Stephanie is an amazing person!

    Katie V.
  • Carol was the Palliative Care Nurse for our brother Jim Underwood, Jr. she was patient, kind and very helpful with our brothers transition into hospice care.

    S. B.
  • Thank you Lynn and RickThank you for helping our mother, Beverly, in her time of need. We know she is is in good hands

    Lawrence M.
  • Each one of these wonderful ladies has made caring for my 93 year old grandmother at home so much easier. Each one of them has brought something different yet wonderful into our home to help grandma heal. Making us feel comfortable and making sure she is taking care of. We are so grateful for this company and these wonderful women to be available to us to care for her. The things they have done have gone above and beyond their calls. Thank you all so much!

    Linda L.
  • Sorry, I am unsure of person's full name. She came to our house for intake process. She realized that my husband, Harold, would be better off in a care facility and made all arrangements. I was amazed at how quickly - she and the entire team - made this happen. My husband entered your beautiful Lowry Care Center that night. Sadly, he passed away the very next evening. I am glad he was in the setting he was for that very short time at the end as I know he was more comfortable than he would have been at home. I so appreciate the quick response to our initial request for help, then the arranging of care. Once at the Care Center, everyone I met/talked to was so supportive. Thank you

    Jill R.
  • Bobby was severely developmentally disabled, but Sara—-and every other member of the team—-treated him as though he was king of the world. The kindness, the patience, the competence, the compassion, the respect, the humor….there are no words to express my gratitude and love. Thank you.

    Susan H.S.
  • Rachel has been through two deaths with me. Not only has her expertise been exceptional, she has been so very very kind and caring. She knows how to take care of patients, make them comfortable, love them and be with them. She has also been an incredible support to me as I watch my husband and father pass away. She gets the family dynamics that occur during this stage of life and she counsels wisely and empathetically. She is also so joyful and has made these passing easier through education and listening. I am extremely thankful for Rachel. She is truly one of a kind!

    Mary Beth M.K.
  • Rebecca has been with me and my family every step of the way! She checks in frequently to see how I think my dad is doing but also to see how I am doing. She has also been helpful with a couple of logistics issues. Mostly she listens and supports and is there for me and my family. She has been an angel through the midst of a very hard time. Blessings to her!

    Mary Beth M.K.
  • Thank you Pastor for being by me and my families side through two deaths. You have been thoughtful and ever so caring. I know you have prayed over my husband and father and I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you in helping them each reach their destiny with Jesus. This is so very special to me. You are exceptional at what you do! Thank you for always being faithful.

    Mary Beth M.K.
  • Leo has been an amazing CNA to my dad. My dad allowed Leo to shower and shave him (which is a great leap for my 91 year old father). Leo always maintained my fathers dignity and cared and loved him. He showed great compassion to my dad-something I will forever be grateful for. Thank you Leo for loving my dad!

    Mary Beth M.K.
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Meg twice on the weekend before my dad was expected to pass. She spoke words of life and Gods love and forgiveness into him. She then prayed a beautiful prayer over him. I had the opportunity to talk to Meg after she did this. She is so compassionate and God has blessed her with this ministry

    Mary Beth M.K.
  • Hospice was a gift from God - they took such good care of mom and us it was the most peaceful passing my brothers and I could ever have expected.

  • My dear wife battled pancreatic cancer for 18 months. The last two months we entered The Denver Hospice care. Several nurses helped us. All were so wonderful to her. Yordi in particular became a lifelong friend. We truly love her.

  • We are grateful to you at the The Denver Hospice. Both our parents chose DNR and hospice care. Thank you Rabbi Foster for all your compassion. With gratitude.

    Sorkin Family
  • Hi Denver Hospice folks,...Your services and the people who work for your organization or a lifesaver for me and my family. I really do not think I could have made it through either of those times without your services and the caring people at The Denver Hospice. I want to give a shout out particularly for Amy and Eddy (her nurses), Michelle (her CNA), and Anita (our social worker). They were truly a blessing to me. But there were also so many others that helped me through - like the pharmacy folks that brought medicine just about anytime day or night!! All you folks are true gems! I praise God for all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Debi cared for my mom for a little over 4 months. She made both of us feel cared for and valued. I feel blessed to have had her as part of my mom’s care team and I am truly grateful for her.

    Christie Barnes

Medical Providers

Our doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants work with the patient’s doctor and others on the hospice team to ensure the patient is comfortable and symptoms are managed.

  • Robert Howe, DO Chief Medical Officer, Care Synergy & Medical Director, The Denver Hospice
    • Arlyn LaBair
      Arlyn LaBair MD
      • Sheri Knepel
        Sheri Knepel MD
        • Kimberly Bennett
          Kimberly Bennett MD
          • Jennifer Vacca
            Jennifer Vacca MD
            • Tracy Fehr
              Tracy Fehr NP
              • Belinda Higa
                Belinda Higa NP
                • Ann McCullough
                  Ann McCullough NP
                  • Anne Marie Fleming
                    Anne Marie Fleming NP
                    • Ele Roberts
                      Ele Roberts NP


                      The nurses manage the care plan, coordinate physical care, monitor the patient for symptom management and arrange for medications, supplies and medical equipment. The nurse will educate the patient and their family or loved ones about the illness, what to expect and how to provide the appropriate care.

                      Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

                      CNAs assist patients with bathing, personal care, meals and exercise. Additionally, the CNA will assist with changing bed linen, laundry, running errands and miscellaneous tasks that are in direct support of the hospice patient.


                      Our volunteers visit hospice patients and their families to provide support and companionship through such services as reading or helping write letters. Some volunteers also provide emotional comfort by visiting, calling or sending cards throughout the grieving period.

                      Social Worker

                      Social workers provide individuals in hospice and their families with emotional support and counseling as they transition to end-of-life care. They assess the individual and family for signs of distress and address psychological, social and resource needs.


                      Chaplains provide non-denominational spiritual and emotional support for individuals in hospice and their families. They may also assist with funeral arrangements, if desired.

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