Our Grief Center offers a full range of grief support services to help you process and explore your loss, including grief support groups, individual counseling, children and teen support, and memorial services.

The Denver Hospice Grief Center


Our Grief Center offers a full range of grief support services to help you explore and process your grief, from individual and/or group support to memorials. Grief is a unique experience to each person and we hope having grief support available to you brings comfort. Many find individual support helpful, and our support allows persons to develop tools for coping within six sessions. Sessions are free of charge to our family members/caregivers and offered to grieving individuals of our community on a fee-per-session basis.

The Denver Hospice Grief Center offers:

  • Educational Materials
  • Individual Counseling – Adults
    Our grief counselors are trained to understand what you are going through and can help you focus on what matters most to you. Counseling is held in-person or virtually based on your comfort level.
  • Footprints Children’s Grief Center
    The Denver Hospice is unique in providing comprehensive anticipatory grief and post-death support to children and teens ages 3 to 17. We feature a kid-friendly Footprints studio at our support center. Counseling is held in-person or virtually based on children’s comfort level. These sessions provide a safe space for children to express thoughts and feelings and develop tools for managing grief.
  • Art Therapy
    Creative expression provides a form of communication when words may not be adequate or available. No artistic skills are necessary to benefit from this form of therapy, provided by a trained art therapist.
  • Candlelight Remembrance Ceremonies
    A candlelight remembrance service for loved ones of patients served by The Denver Hospice and open to the public. Service includes music, shared reflections, and a reading of names. Offered quarterly throughout the year during the evening.
  • Support Groups
    Offered in the daytime or evenings throughout the year.

Active Support Groups

The following support groups are currently being offered.

Candlelight Remembrance Ceremonies
Candlelight Remembrance Ceremonies
Celebrate your loved one at our candlelight remembrance service with music, shared reflections, and a reading of names.
Young(er) Adult<br /> Grief Group
Young(er) Adult
Grief Group
This educational and participatory support group for people in their 20’s and 30’s who have lost a parent or sibling.
Creative Arts<br /> Support Group
Creative Arts
Support Group
Art making provides a strong container for the grief experience and encourage the expression of thoughts and feelings that words cannot capture or convey.
Going Through Grief<br /> Support Group
Going Through Grief
Support Group
This group provides structured support for adults ready to explore their loss more deeply and understand the universality of the grief experience.
Newly Bereaved<br /> Support Group
Newly Bereaved
Support Group
This group provides a safe place for grieving people to discover that they are not alone in their grief and to share support and ideas for coping.
Men's Grief Group
Men's Grief Group
This is a six-week virtual support group for men wanting to connect with other men who have lost a loved one.
Mindfulness and Grief<br /> Support Group
Mindfulness and Grief
Support Group
Join other adults who are interested in learning how mindfulness practice can support their grief journey.
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