The Denver Hospice Inpatient Care Center at Lowry offers hands-on, compassionate, state-of-the-art care to patients requiring short-term management of uncontrolled pain and other symptoms.

Our centrally located building has 24 private suites with patios. The homelike setting includes amenities like a family dining room, day rooms, a multi-faith chapel, library and hydro-therapy spa. Original artworks by distinguished area artists decorate our common areas and patient rooms. Gardens, walkways and high-tech innovations add to the light-filled ambiance and comforts of our Inpatient Care Center.

Two tiers of Care

There are two tiers of care to meet the highly individualized needs of our patients:

General Inpatient Care

We offer general inpatient care to those who need aggressive pain and symptom management. Our highly-trained staff provides intensive nursing, spiritual and supportive care to meet each patient’s unique needs. Most insurance policies cover room and board at this level of care.

Routine Level of Care

Once a patient’s symptoms become manageable, our staff will work with the family to determine whether the patient is able to return home or needs the care provided by a nursing facility. If a patient chooses to remain at our Inpatient Care Center he or she will be placed on routine level of care and private pay rates may apply. The staff will work with you to make arrangements for a deposit and payment to cover these costs. We can also provide this level of care in your own home, skilled care facility, assisted living community or group home.

Visiting Hours

Anyone, including children, may visit any time. Arrangements can be made for your pets to visit. Telephones are located at each bedside and wireless network access is available for patient and family use 24 hours a day.


We invite you to tour our Inpatient Care Center. No appointment is needed.

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