Optio Health Services is a program of The Denver Hospice and is the leading not-for-profit provider of palliative health care at home services in metropolitan Denver.

Optio Health Services specializes in symptom management, decreased hospitalizations, advance care planning, coordinating with primary care doctors and connecting patients with community resources.

Optio Palliative Care at Home Services
Optio Palliative Care at Home Services provides care wherever a patient calls home — private residence, nursing home, skilled care facility or retirement community.

  • An admissions team member visits the home to enroll patients.
  • A nurse practitioner will visit within seven days of admission.
  • A nurse practitioner will visit every month or more often if needed.
  • A social worker will help with advance care planning, accessing community resources and mental health needs.
  • Registered nurse support is available by phone 24/7.
  • Disease-specific care programs are available.
  • If needed, the Optio care team makes it easy for patients to transfer into hospice care.
  • The patient’s palliative care nurse practitioner can also serve as the patient’s hospice provider.

The Optio Health Care disease-specific programs include:

Living with Cancer
We closely collaborate with your oncology team to provide symptom management, support in making decisions on treatment options and help with emotional and spiritual care.

Breathe Easy
The focus of Breathe Easy is treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), managing the disease process and related anxiety.

Happy Hearts
Care includes heart healthy diet education and management of the cardiac disease process with a focus on congestive heart failure.

Transitions helps after hospital visits for acute life altering events, such as major bone fractures, a cerebrovascular accident or acute renal failure. We support patients and families adapting to new circumstances.

To make a referral or discuss Optio Health Palliative Care at Home, please call 303-321-2929.

Optio Palliative Care is able to serve most major health insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.

For Doctors and Clinicians

Ask us about

  • Referral Tool — helps determine your patients’ palliative care needs.
  • Patient Membership Card — informs hospitals and clinics that your patients are receiving palliative care at home services.