Successful Disaster Drill

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For almost 40 years, The Denver Hospice and Optio Health Services have led the way in providing top-notch comfort and care to those in our community facing a terminal illness. Part of our commitment to being at the forefront of serving this vulnerable population is to meet the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) conditions of participation in initiating and maintaining the highest standards in Emergency Preparedness so that all staff and partners are ready should a disaster strike.

Last month, through a coordinated effort with community resources, we successfully ran a complete disaster drill in which all electricity as well as back up electricity was lost at our 24-bed Inpatient Care Center. We tested response protocols and timing for triaging current patients and “walking wounded” from the community, while transporting the patients who could not be cared for properly with Apex Paramedics.

This was the first of many disaster drills that will ensure The Denver Hospice staff can respond quickly and efficiently for whatever is needed to assist our patients, families, staff and surrounding


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