Charlotte Dupree - It Takes Two to Tango

It Takes a Team to Tango

As Charlotte Dupree neared the end of her life, one of her last wishes was to tango dance again.  The Denver Hospice was overjoyed to help make her wish come true by hiring professional dancers to visit her in the skilled nursing center she called home. Many of her fellow residents were able to enjoy the performance, but the guest of honor was Charlotte, whose smile lit up the room as the tango dancers strode across the room.


The two dancers engaged with Charlotte, brought her flowers and preformed to her delight. In addition to fulfilling Charlotte’s wish, The Denver Hospice team also provided invaluable support and assistance to Charlotte’s daughter Tanya.

“I don’t know how anyone navigates through all of this alone,” Tanya stated. “None of this would have happened without The Denver Hospice.”

The Denver Hospice helped Tanya transition her mother from her home to our Inpatient Care Center at Lowry, where Charlotte spent her final days in homelike comfort, surrounded by her loved ones.

Charlotte died on February 3, 2014.

Charlotte Dupree

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