The Denver Hospice Announces “Take Care of You – Scheduling” to Provide RNs Additional Time Off

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The Denver Hospice is implementing a new way for RN Case Managers and Admissions RNs to schedule their time and provide care for patients and families. 

The new employment program is called “Take Care of You – Scheduling” and it will provide RN Case Managers and Admissions RNs with additional time off to balance work and life responsibilities.

The “Take Care of You – Scheduling” program allows hospice RN Case Managers and Admissions RNs who work for any of the three Affiliate organizations to be scheduled 72 hours in a pay period and receive their full salary of 80 hours in that same pay period.  It can be used as an afternoon off each week or a day off every other week, based on the preference of the team member.

“Take Care of You – Scheduling” gives these employees an additional day off every two weeks – for a total of 26 additional days per year – in addition to their PTO, to use however they like.  In addition, sign on bonuses also apply to some RN roles. For more information about Take Care of You – Scheduling, please visit or contact Care Synergy’s Human Resources team at (303) 780-4600.

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