Help support Selian Hospice in East Africa.

About our partnership

Since 2001, The Denver Hospice has partnered with Selian Lutheran Hospice on best practices and approaches to hospice care. The Denver Hospice also provides educational and financial support to Selian’s programs and conducts staff trips to Arusha, Tanzania every two years.

From our dynamic partnership, Selian has transformed from an organization serving less than 100 patients to over 5,000 at its peak in 2016. A majority of Selian patients are HIV+ and many of those also have TB. Selian Hospice provides medications, basic food supplies, and psycho-social support to patients.

Today, Selian Hospice continues to provide quality and compassionate care, made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers and staff, despite drastic cuts from USAID funding support in 2016.

Selian Hospice is the cornerstone of palliative care in East Africa and would not exist without generous support from the The Denver Hospice. The partnership between the Denver Hospice and Selian Hospice has raised over $750,000 Selian Lutheran Hospice since 2001.

Donations to Selian Lutheran Hospice can be made through Global Health Ministries.

To learn more, watch this video of Selian Lutheran Hospice.

Donate by Mail

You can make a check out to The Denver Hospice, and write “Selian” on the memo line, and send to:

The Denver Hospice
8299 E. Lowry Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80230

For more information and support please contact:
The Denver Hospice Development Department

Under the “Allocate Your Gift” section, in the “Choose a Program” dropdown, please select “Selian Hospice.”

Adopt-A-Care Worker

The Denver Hospice “Adopt a Care Worker” program is the way for you to connect with and sponsor a Care Worker at Selian Lutheran Hospice, who provide holistic palliative care to those facing life limiting conditions in Tanzania.

The all-volunteer Care Workers make it possible for Selian Hospice to provide holistic medical and psychosocial care to thousands of patients in their homes and communities.

Consider Changing a Life Today!

A one-time donation of $20 provides transportation and a small stipend for the Care Worker.

A donation of $250 provides transportation and a small stipend for the Care Worker for 1 year.

The Process is simple:

  1. Click on the Donate Now button
  2. Enter in the name of the Care Worker you wish to support (if known)
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