Help support Selian Hospice in East Africa.

Since 2001, The Denver Hospice has been partnered with Selian Lutheran Hospice in Arusha, Tanzania (East Africa). Being partnered with an African hospice involves a two-way exchange of ideas and approaches to hospice, and also a commitment by the US hospice to give moral, educational and financial support. We also have staff trips to visit Selian every two years.

Our partnership has helped Selian grow from a tiny home hospice program of ~100 patients to a palliative care program that served over 5,000 patients at its peak early in 2016, with a paid staff of eighteen and over 300 well-trained volunteers. The majority of Selian patients are HIV+ and many of those also have TB. Selian provides medications, basic food supplies if needed, and social and spiritual support. They also have provided support to some of the thousands of AIDS orphans in the area.
The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has been funding most of Selian’s palliative care program since 2006. In October of 2015, deep cuts in funding were announced, and by the end of 2016, USAID was no longer a funder for Selian Hospice. As a result, Selian Hospice has endured drastic cuts to their program, and they are only able to serve a couple hundred truly end-of-life patients. Care for the thousands of palliative care patients who were receiving support is no longer be provided. The Denver Hospice is their only source of philanthropic support.

Over the years, we have raised money to build an office and training center for Selian, and helped them purchase several vehicles. Our partnership has provided training in bereavement, pediatric hospice and psycho-social support to children, as well as support to thousands of orphans and vulnerable children over the years. In total, The Denver Hospice has gifted roughly $750,000 to our friends in Tanzania!

Donate to Selian Lutheran Hospice

Donate by Mail

You can make a check out to The Denver Hospice, and write “Selian” on the memo line, and send to:

The Denver Hospice
501 S. Cherry Street, Suite 700
Denver, Colorado 80246

For more information and support please contact:
The Denver Hospice Development Department

Under the “Allocate Your Gift” section, in the “Choose a Program” dropdown, please select “Selian Hospice.”

Adopt-A-Care Worker

Adopt-a-Care Worker Selian Hospice’s Adopt-a-Care Worker program is a simple new way for you to empower care workers in East Africa to provide holistic palliative care to their communities!

Selian’s care workers are community leaders who volunteer their time to serve on the frontlines of palliative care in Arusha, Tanzania. These highly-trained women and men identify patients in need of care, provide medical and psychosocial support, and engage local communities in efforts to reduce stigma (especially regarding HIV/AIDS). Without them, it would be impossible for Selian Hospice to reach even a fraction of the thousands of patients and families who are currently receiving medical, psychosocial, spiritual, and nutritional care.

Your donation to this sponsorship program is fantastically cost-effective: only $20 per month allows each care worker to serve anywhere from 60-150 people affected by chronic medical conditions! There is no shortage of care workers waiting to jump back in or patients in need of care – the only thing missing is funding. Please consider making a one-time $250 donation that will empower one care worker, like those highlighted below, for an entire year. Simply hit the donate button, enter $250 as the donation amount, and choose Selian – Adopt-a-Care Workerfrom the drop-down list. Your generous gift is sure to transform hundreds of lives and dramatically increase the amount of patients Selian is able to serve!

If you have any questions about the program or how your donation will be used, please send an email to

Under the “Allocate Your Gift” section, in the “Choose a Program” dropdown, please select “Selian Adopt-A-Careworker.”

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